Stay at home, epuka Korona

A talker of do-gooder may not be a a good man. And the man who is after you and is trying to change you is not the man to be with. The man who is hankering to change you is an egoist, he wants to make you according to his ideas.

He is dangerous, he will destroy you; he will not be helpful to you. He will cut from you this part and that part, he will change things in you.


He has a blueprint with him, he has a certain idea that has to be implemented. He will not be bothered about you. His whole concern is with his idea; you are just a plaything.

That’s what your so-called pastors and priests go on doing. They go on giving you patterns of life, they go on forcing things upon you: “Do this, DON’T do that. If you do this you will be rewarded, if you DON’T do this you will be rewarded. If you obey, paradise is yours. If you disobey, then you fall into hell.”

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These people are dangerous people. These are politicians, not religious people at all. Their whole effort is to change people; they enjoy it.

But people are not things. A man is not a canvas, you cannot paint him the way you want. The man is God, the woman is God, each person is divine. Who can change a person? Just the very idea of changing a person is sacrilegious, is a sin, stay at home, epuka korona.