By. Blogger Benson maingi.

Where have you put your trust in? Is it in your wealth, academic, power, job, friends, children or even gods of this world? God is calling upon us today to wholeheartedly trust in him. Solomon understood this secret of wholly trusting in God despite been a powerful king, wise man and wealthy man(Proverbs 3:5).

All over the Bible, we see men and women who wholly and unwavering trusted in God even in their deadliest moments .e.g Stephen, Meshack, Shedrack and Abednego etc. Here are the reasons why we should trust in God as captured in the book of Joshua.

First, God is faithful in his promises (Joshua 21:43-45). There is nothing permanent other than God and his promises. God demonstrates this truth by fulfilling his promises to Israel which we swore to their ancestors. Although it took some time, trials and temptations, difficulties and even rebellion by the Israelites God remained faithful to his promises.

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The same God who fulfilled Israel promises is still here and dwells in us and is calling us to turn to him and trust him.
Second, nothing is impossible to God (Joshua 6:20, Joshua 3:15-16, Joshua 10:8-9)In God there is no impossibility, everything is possible to all who wholeheartedly trust him. Imagine the people of Israel did not need strength or power tools to break the walls of Jericho but by just trusting in God the walls obeyed their loud shouts and trumpet blows and fall down.

The Israelites needed not to fight Kings of Amorites but by trusting God confusion hit their enemies and completely destroyed them. They also needed no boat or ship to cross Jordan but just through trusting God, The priest’s feet stopped it’s flowing completely. What confidence to trust in God.

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Third, in God, there is inherent confidence to victory, prosperity and success. (Joshua 1:8, Joshua 11:1-9).God tells Joshua to trust in him and his words and he will be successful and prosperous in the land. Also when the five Kings (Joshua 11:1-4) came together to wage war against Israel, God told Joshua and Israelites not to be afraid and trust in him for he will give them to their hands.

God granted victory to Israel in every battle they came along. God is calling us today also to partake this confidence to victory and prosperity by trusting in him.

Sons and daughters of God let choose to trust in God in all circumstances, whether good or bad. When Joshua called upon Israelites to choose who to serve they chose God and trusted him for they had witnessed his worth. Let’s choose like the Israelites today to trust in God wholly. Ameen.

A blessed Sunday.