Benchmark in Kitui for Youth Skills Development: Nzomo Urges North Rift


The Youth Empowerment summit for the North Rift Economic bloc took place on Friday morning in Eldoret Town today on 24th may 2019, Uasin Gishu County.

There has been a need for the Governors of the great North Rift to form a powerful youth summit to address youth issues across the region.

The summit sought to set the ball rolling on addressing issues of the youth touching on economic, social and political empowerment. It brought together 3 youth leaders from each of the 124 Wards in the region.

Kitui national youth council chair Aggrey Nzomo and Elvis Wafula KYPA Bungoma were invited as guest youth leaders due to their display of leadership in their regions.

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“For this country to move forward and for the North Rift economic bloc to make any sense, we must prioritize skills development among the youth. We must also address issues of behaviour and attitude change among our youths since there is a very low uptake of empowerment funds amongst them.

We have started on a good footing and this region will shine”, said the Governor Uasin Gishu, H.E Mandango.

“With the low rates of transition among the youths after form four, skills development is the surefire way out poverty among the youths.

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In Kitui, the Governor is alive to this matter and we have taken many youths to NITA training as well as in the KYEOP initiative. As you are aware, the establishment of KICOTEX and its subsequent awarding of chiefs uniform assignment, many youths with embroidery skills have been absorbed,” said Aggrey Nzomo of Kitui.

Mr Elvis insisted there was need for region to see how to address the CRB listings of many youths orchestrated loan applications like Tala, Branch among others. He said youths in the region should be forgiven those debts and allowed to reborrow.

Women representatives present, led by Hon Boss Sholei said they will pull together their resources and ensure they have 2 brick making machines in every ward. On the same note, MP Hon Gideon Keter assured youth leaders that he will continue his quest to ensure meaningful legislation is passed in the national assembly for the betterment of the youth agenda. Keter informed members that the NYC amendment act of 2019 is still in the process and they should prepare for the next crop of NYC leadership.

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