Why being Self Centered is the Recipe For Self destruction


By Guess Contributor

27Th January 2019

“Man shall not live on bread ALONE”~Jesus

As we rise higher in conciousness, our centre of existence also changes. Though everything on the outside may remain the same or change considerably, what matters to us changes very much. Our “centre of existence” defines our values, expectations, what affects us, our concerns,Basically, our centre moves from the “body” to the “ego” to the “being”.

When our centre shifts, the former centres fade to the background. We still are concious of them but they dont take the centre stage in our lives. We can now easily recognise them in others and thus are able to deal with others easily. Our major differences arise out of the fact that we are centred differently and therefore we “see” different things. What matters to you from one centre may make little difference to you from another centre.

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Body centred existence is mostly concerned with survival and continuation of the body. It is the “bread” Jesus talks about. Its being concerned with material existence excessively. Basically, the needs of the body revolve around food and sex. Anything that threatens these two needs is taken seriously just as anything that gurantees or enhances their sustained acquisition. These are basic survival needs. Even when they are sufficiently taken care of, if the conciousness doesn’t expand, we may remain stuck at their level.


Ego based centering is more about fulfillment of psychological needs-the need to belong, to be loved, respected, to feel significant etc. At this level of conciousness, we are more concerned about our social image, how others see us or think about us. Majority of us are stuck here. Thats why we keep saying “dont mind what others think about you”! We say this because it really matters what they think about us!

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“BEING” conciousness is the transcedent level. Here everything is seen as it is and accorded its proper place in life. No obsessions or compulsions exist here. We are beyond the “bread” conciousness and beyond the ego level.
We must move through all the levels of conciousness in that order. Any attempt to jump one is futile! Ever heard that whatever you skipped doing or experiencing while “young” you will revisit? Same logic here. You cant skip a level of growth.