BBI: The WAY FORWARD With Dr. Jeff Kaluyu


The WAY FORWARD With Dr. Jeff Kaluyu

It is now clear that folks are taking sides and sure enough the clash is eminent.

While I think many items are good but also a lot needs to be harmonized.

1. The result is as good as the process. We need to move past the starting point and go on to the next stage. Avoid personalizing any side as a 2022 strategy.

  1. There needs to be a final Bomas of Kenya team to harmonize the document, which is what should have been done in the first place.

  2. The timeline of BBI need to be observed if we don’t want post election violence. It needs to get out of the way to avoid BBI being the 2022 manifesto for all candidates.

  3. We need to avoid a NO/Yes campaigns like a plague because its an incubation for election violence. Final Bomas meeting is the best solution.

  4. Should we go for No/ Yes, the losers will be stronger in the 2022 election- dont fall for the trap. They will be revenging and not voting criticality.

  5. None of current political pitches will matter in 2022 because campaigning too early is a bad strategy for both country and self.

  6. The question of how we fund all these programs cannot be ignored like in the 2010 constitution.

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People not getting paid for months is not funny.

I would like to see a harmonized document first and the referendum questions before making the decision critically.

Have a great day.