BBI: The DEEP state Fallacy has been sorted accordingly, Says Benson Kitoo Mutemi



Ukambani regional youth leader Mr Benson Mutemi has termed the Supreme court rulings on BBI as a win for the country.

Speaking exclusively with TCD editor, Mr Benson Said, “The deepstate fallacy has been sorted accordingly after the country highest Supreme Court ruled that the BBI and constitutional amendment bill was Null and Void”

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“Madharau,Kifua na Vitisho inaendelea Kukwisha” Kitoo wrote on his social media site.

SUPREME COURT rules that BBI amendment bill was unconstitutional; Six of seven judges rule that the President cannot lead a popular initiative to amend the Constitution.


The CJ Koome has said the second schedule of the BBI amendment bill [that proposed to create 70 new constituencies] is unconstitutional as it lacked public participation.

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BBI died in High Court and burried in the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court is just conducting a memorial service to mark the first anniversary. Nothing can be done to resurrect it, Kenyans are happy!

However, President can not initiate and promote a popular initiative~Cj Koome and Justice Ouko affirm

However, CJ Martha Koome holds that civil proceedings cannot be instituted against a sitting president and IEBC was legally constituted with 3 commissioners.

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