Looming constitutional changes have put Makueni politics on a litmus test as leaders lock horns over the anticipated boundary reviews.

The building bridges initiative has thrown the County in a political limbo due to stakeholder interest in delimitation and demarcation of constituency boundaries.

Makueni County is set to receive an extra constituency and this has been the bone of contention between Nzaui, Mbooni and Wote residents. Various parliamentary aspirants have caved into political cacoons to put IEBC under duress to yield to their geo-political demands.

This influence peddling tactics are fashioned to place them at the helm of winning their coveted parliamentary seats in 2022. Ironically others are just seeking to edge out their archrivals to politically cement their grounds.

Most political aspirants and sitting MPs are now back on the drawing board. Strategizing for 2022 polls has become a real nightmare for most of them who are not sure which constituency they will belong to by then. Some leaders who previously defied Covid-19 protocol to hold political rallies have this festive season shied away from their routine santa sprees where they share goodies with less fortune.

Incase you are wondering why your village didn’t attract that popular baba christmas this year,now you know. You are not in their budget because they are not sure that you will be their voter in 2022 polls.

At the centre of the conspiracy is a proposal by Musoma a former Makueni parliamantary aspirant and Wavinya Nzioka the 2017 Makueni Women runs-up. The proposal that has received the backing of majority elected MPs in the County anticipates that BBI shall pass.

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The drafters who had sort the advice of IEBC cannot submit their proposal before BBI is passed coz it will be prejudicial. The proposal ensures that each constituencies shall have a minimum of four and a maximum of five wards (existing).

Panic ensues political circles as total of four constituencies shall be greatly affected by the establishment of the additional constituency.

If the proposal sails through, only Kaiti and Kibwezi East boundaries will remain as they are. Makueni constituency shall donate Wote-Nziu,Nzaui-Kilili-Kalamba and Muvau wards to the proposed Wote Municipal Constituency. The Maanzo led constituency will further lose Mbitini to Kilome but gain Kalawa from Mbooni while Kako-Waia comes to Wote Municipality. Likewise Kibwezi West shall lose Emali-Mulala ward to Kilome.

This proposal has potentially affected the BBI campaigns in Makueni as parts of Mbooni and Kibwezi West Constituencies oppose it due to the effects of having an additional constituency.

Worst of it, if has interfered with the fair disbursement of CDF kitty that has seen some wards marginalised. Mbooni MP Kivasu was put into task by a rival youth group after a programme meant to empower women groups secluded zones that are perceived to be leaning towards the newly proposed Wote Municipal Constituency.

The vibrant youth led by Ngula Mukunuu faulted Kivasu of conspiring with Makueni We Want Movement to move Kako Waia ward and Kalawa wards outside Mbooni to tame his foes. This are perceived strongholds of the former Mbooni MP Kisoi Munyao who was his close competitor in 2017 polls. Disenfranchizing the two wards automatically pushes Munyao and other strong aspirants to the anticipated Wote Municipal constituency giving Kivasu a smooth walk over in 2022 at Mbooni.

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Like wise the proposal which seeks to move Emali-Mulala ward from Kibwezi West to Kilome has put the Area MP Eng. Nzambia and parliamentary aspirant Josephat Salu at war of words. Contrary to the proposal Speaker Mbilu, former Majority leader Musso and Secretary of sports Kenya Muteti are pushing for a Nzaui Constituency but the chances are minimal as Kilome will nolonger be protected,it needs Mbitini or Emali if not both to to meet the population quota after BBI.

However eyes are now set on who will be the first MP of the newly proposed Wote Municipal constituency as Maanzo avoids the debate. Suzzane Kiamba,Wavinya Nzioka, Musoma JM,Kisoi Munyao,Douglus Mbilu and Musso are said to be among the candidates warming up for the seat.

Kibwezi West MP Musimba has cautioned leaders against holding people ransome with boundaries for political gain. “As a leader am not afraid of boundaries.It doesn’t matter what direction IEBC moves boundaries as long as they dont take our people to another County.

If you are a good leader the people of that strange place will still elect you. Makueni people know how to distinguish between good and bad leadership.”