BBI Means Better Future Says Governor Ngilu


    By TCD Reporter.

    On Sunday, 25th, October 2020 – Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu Urged Kenyans to Support BBI Report for a Better Future.

    The County Boss asked Kenyans to read and understand the Building Bridges Initiative report (BBI) saying it seeks to unite the country.

    Speaking at Ikutha Catholic in Kitui South during an annual event, the Governor emphasized on the need to NOT only Unite the country but strengthen devolution through increased allocation to counties.

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    “I want to ask you to support this report. The days when we would blindly follow decisions we’re not part of are gone. Let us support and own the report” Said Ngilu.

    The BBI report by the Senator Yusuf Haji-led Task Force wants the County Revenue allocation increased from the current 15 percent of the national share to 35 percent.

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    Earlier, the Governor received a grand welcome at Ikutha as residents danced and sang upon her arrival at the Kitui’s Southern town.