BBI: Kitui South Leaders Push for Split of Constituency Into Two



On Wednesday December 2nd – Kitui South leaders paid a courtesy call to Kalonzo Musyoka in support of BBI.

A delegation of 25 people among them Daniel N.Mutua, aspirant for Kitui South 2022 parliamentary seat, former MPs Isaac Muoki, Mwangu Ivuti, Kalii Kiminza and flamboyant politician Michael Kivoto, Mwendandu paid a courtesy call to H.E Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka on 2nd Dec 2020.

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They made a donation of 50 bales of unga, 1,000 pieces of mask, cooking oil and bar soups.

Thereafter, the delegation had a meeting whereby they made a commitment to support BBI and appealed to Kalonzo to assist in the following;

  1. Revert Voo location to Kitui South.

  2. Split K.south Constituency in two.

  3. Compensate residents displaced by the construction of Kitui-Kibwezi tarmac road.

  4. Secure the future nomination of women MCAs for gender equality.

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