BBI is Unstoppable – Kalonzo’s Interview leaves Netizens Agape


Dr. Kalonzo Musyoka – Africa Most Humble man and former Vice President K24 interview on Sunday has been lauded as “oozing charisma and political maturity” by majority of kenyans.

Musyoka said his Wiper party has a special calling in this country – that is working towards uniting Kenya.

“What we are doing now is uniting this country under the able leadership of Uhuru Kenyatta. We are waiting for the draft document to come out because Wiper supports the BBI process.

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Jubilee and Wiper shall be consulting closely in national assembly and senate, said Kalonzo.

When asked on possible appointments from his party ranks, Musyoka said;

“We have ranking members who can serve in the Budget Commitee. We have Dr Makali Mulu, Hon Maanzao and others who can serve in various capacities he both houses.


A Parliament acting in the best interest of this nation should be able to make changes but there are somethings in the 2010 Constitution that need a referendum to change.

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Strategic partnerships aimed at uniting Kenya for prosperity and stand out as a peaceful n respected country amongst the family of nations ..we need to encourage such partnerships that build bridges ~Dr Peter Mathuki, Wiper Deputy Secretary-General.

Kalonzo: on Chief Justice.

I am calling upon the Chief Justice to always go the mediation way. Had the Chief Justice reached out to some of us before going public, it would not have gone that way.

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Kalonzo : on Law Society of Kenya.

Nelson Havi is a new LSK President and he needs to consult a little bit more. He should do things in a manner to respect the Constitution and office of the President.