BBI could be a recipe for PM Dictatorship



The BBi is good as it is today but the amendment for a powerful prime minister could be the unfortunate part of the proposed bill !

The term for the so called powerful prime minister is limitless as per the bbi meaning long as he has majority of members of Parliament he will be incharge of the government unlike governors and the president and this could be the worst calamity to strike the debt ailing nation !

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Take for example the current scenario we have NASA MPs and majority Jubilee MPs in the Parliament and senate, it means the powerful prime minister would be from jubilee !

The president elected by popular vote in the entire nation is ceremonial as the BBi crusade would want it to be!

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So what does it mean predictably ??

Another possible era of a very powerful leader ruling this nation without exit like Mugabe from the backdoor!

Predict more from the above scenario……