Avoid Business Rivalries & Politics Mr Singi Tells Kitui Business community


Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the largest and most influential business association in Kenya.

The patron kenya National chamber and Commerce is the president Uhuru Kenyatta,
The Chamber represents the interests of over 310,000 businesses in Kenya with a representation of over 16,000 members both National and County level with over 80,000 employees.
Over 20 sectors of the economy are represented.

Avoid politics, kitui Chamber of Commerce chairperson Mr singi tells Business community

The chairman of kitui chamber of commerce and industry Mr Duncan singi has urged kitui business community not to engage in negative politics Amongst themselves, instead engage in health business competition.

Mr singi was speaking to the county diary reporter in his office,the chairman Mr Duncan singi was flagged by The executive secretary kitui branch Mr Musili (Bravo)

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The two leaders urged members not to engage into politics within business community instead engage on health competition.

Mr musili, The CEO said when we bring politics around our business we will not be doing good to our people,Mr Musili disclosed Many business entities are families business in Kitui.Mr singi said the office Kenya national chamber and Commerce does not advocate for business Rivalries neither politics.

Mr singi said their Core mandate is to encourages investors, because once the Investor Set business in kitui our youth will get employments , Let’s help our Governor in creating employment to our people, Mr. Singi told the county diary reporter.

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The chamber of commerce is not a Political tool neither do we engage in politics
Mr singi said the chamber of commerce rules are very clear, we must works with the government of day.

Mr.Duncan said its The National Chamber Head offices in Nairobi that has the madated by law to call for an Election to all the 47 Counties,

Mr singi said his three year term expires next Years

those who intent to vie for different seats should wait next year when the election will be called by National office.

Mr singi disclosed Neither the county government or National government has the power to call for an election. Its the national office mandated by law to call for an election

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Mr singi sàid the chamber of commerce will keep urging her members not to engage into politics or business rivalries instead encourage for more investors.

Our call as the chamber of commerce and industry is to encourage for more investors to our counties, we will partner with all stakeholders for the benefit our people.

Mr singi said they are working closely with county government of kitui and National government to make the environment conducive for business people in kitui county.

Mr Duncan singi also said the chamber of commerce has her own mechanism to hear any dispute within its structures.

And if the matter is beyond them there is government structures which can deal with such occurrences.