Augustus Kyalo Muli launches Kyalo kya Maendeeo Initiative in Kitui



kyalo kya Maendeo CBO was on Saturday launched in a kaleidoscopic ceremony that left the lower ukambani region tongue wagging.

Augastus Kyalo in a suit and DCC Madan Rono with a green kitenge

Kyalo kya Maendeo Community Based Organisation was launched in a colorful ceremony that was attended by several elected leaders, and Senior Government officials

The Chairman of the CBO Mr. Augustus Kyalo is the founder of the organization which brings on board Executive leaders from the three Ukambani Counties.

Surrounded by almost 50 Women’s leaders from the 3 Lower Eastern counties of Kitui, Makueni, and Machakos, the former Kitui County Assembly Speaker candidate Augustus Kyalo Muli launched his much-publicized community initiative, Kyalo kya Maendeeo in Kitui Town.

In this no-expenses-spared event, Augustus Kyalo wined and dined leaders from Community based organizations as well as Cultural and Youth groups invited from the 3 Ukambani counties.

If we empower our community entrepreneurs by increasing their knowledge, source of finances, and markets for their products, they will be able to create employment opportunities not only for themselves but for others as well and influence our region’s economic performance and improve the quality of life.”
Augustus Muli in his mission statement.

The initiative, now registered as a Community based organization, has attracted a huge number of women partners interested in benefiting from the educational and wealth Creation activities being undertaken by the initiative.

The event was attended by a wide range of leaders from different political parties as well as national government administrators from Kitui.

With this bold statement, Augustus Kyalo has established himself as a serious grassroots mobilizer and gained a sizeable following from women and youth organizations in Kitui

Although he is now steering clear of politics and emphasizing at every opportunity that he has no interest in elective politics, one thing is very clear; all eyes are on him now. With the launch of his Kyalo kya Maendeeo Initiative, another journey has started for Kyalo Muli. Only time now will determine where this journey ends.

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His Speech.

“We are very pleased to welcome you all as we launch our Initiative. An initiative to develop our great people of Kitui and indeed the whole of the Ukambani region.

We have called this initiative Kyalo kya Maendeeo and we are registered as a community-based organization.

I am standing here before you today as the founding vision bearer of Kyalo Kyalo Maendeeo or KKM.

Kyalo means Journey. And this is a journey I would not have started or even made the first step without the support of many longtime friends and colleagues.

As we launch Kyalo Kya Maendeeo, I want to appreciate all those friends and colleagues, most of whom are here with us, without their vigorous exercise of putting the ideas together we would not have come to celebrate this launch.

Traditional dancers entertaining attendance.

My journey started just a short distance from here. I was born just here in Kalundu and went to Ngiini Primary school which is less than 5 minutes away from here. Thereafter I proceeded to Starehe Boys Centre and Kenyatta university in Nairobi and various other universities abroad.

I have worked in many countries before coming back to try my luck in politics a few weeks ago as Speaker of the County Assembly.

The main reason I ventured into politics was to be involved and be part of the development of our people.

After the unsuccessful attempt I thought to myself, why not follow this passion of uplifting our people from different directions?

And that’s how Kyalo kya Maendeeo Initiative (KKM) was born.

Today, November 19th, 2022, marks our 1st day and we are proud to be able to host you today here at this wonderful place with all of you.

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In today’s gathering, I would like to focus on all our new friends and partners; the self-help groups and community-based organizations that we invited.

I am sure that the reason you are all here is your desire to be a part of our initiative due to a mutual passion for seeing the people of Kitui come out of poverty and create wealth for a better livelihood.

If we unite and put our energies together, the creation from that effort is what will allow us to achieve our individual as well as community goals.

We all need each other. And that is why we are grateful to have you join us here at Kyalo kya Maendeeo.

Our Theory of Change or belief is that

If we empower our community entrepreneurs by increasing their knowledge, source of finances, and markets for their products, they will be able to create employment opportunities not only for themselves but for others as well and influence our region’s economic performance and improve the quality of life.

We shall pursue this belief to the letter and expose our community through the various CBOs to business opportunities, markets, and sources of financing for their businesses.

We are already in discussion with various financial institutions, some of whom are here today, to work with us towards this common good for our people.

Our Mission Statement

We seek to Empower and promote active public participation of the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society toward self-reliance and sustainable development through capacity strengthening, education, and entrepreneurship Development.

Vision Statement
to ignite opportunities for self-sustainability.

In the next few months, you will be learning more about Kyalo kya Maendeeo through our planned activities and special events. You will be able to join in as partners and collaborators.

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We believe that together we can all grow to be more productive as we start running away from poverty to become more empowered and self-sufficient.

In this regard, we have lined up a few activities and initiatives

  1. Micro business training to existing CBOs, women, and youth groups in Kitui County
  2. Mobilize livestock keepers to expose them to the export market

Kitui currently has some of the largest goat markets in Tseikuru, Nuu, Mutha, Nguni, and so on.

We have visited all these markets and made contacts with CBOs in these areas to work with them to train them on how to partner with us on how to directly export goats to the Middle East and other countries

  1. Source local and foreign funding for an education scholarship fund
  2. Initiate tree planting nurseries in schools and with women groups in partnership with the
    government and other related donors
  3. Source for funding to drill boreholes, harvest rainwater
  4. Carry out civic education on the role of the people in governance
  5. Support sports and cultural events

With these activities, we are sure that in a short time, together we can make an impact on the lives of our communities and create sustainable empowerment for our people

So a very warm welcome to every one of you to our launch.

I know that there will be many questions, suggestions, and clarifications, please let us keep talking and engaging.

Let us challenge ourselves and our leaders across the county to keep the fire burning.

Let our conversation on wealth creation and empowerment grow and develop so that everyone hears it.

Kyalo Muli together with his family members and guests.

Madam DCC and Bonnie Musambi.
Kyalo Muli with his lovely wife
Kyalo Muli and guests during the prayer session.
KKM chairman Mr Kyalo Muli poses for a picture with some of the Guests after the launch of the CBO