Artists With Evil Stage Names to be Arrested


    Kenya film classified board has disclosed plans to start mass arrests of Artists with EVIL stage NAMES across the country, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has said.

    We must not allow artists in the Names of talents who are advancing pornographic material in their music to keep destroying our children with Immoral contents in their Music.

    Speaking on the Athiani Fm Morning Talk show, which is Hosted by BonVenture Mutinda, Dr. Ezekiel who is known as the Moral cop said, some of the artists are to blame for increased moral decay in the society.

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    “We have done the research, and we have found some of these artists are totally immoral, it’s pornography by Nature, If you can not be creative enough to build the society’, we will auction them to the last item, the government will not allow such artists to destroy the moral values of the country”.

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    Dr. Mutua urged Kenyans not to listen to such dirty Music, we must all stand up to guard the future generations against these wicked artists, he added.