Artificial Insemination Vet Officers Pitch Tent in Mwingi West.


By Kangara


Kitui County Deputy Governor H.E Hon Dr Wathe Nzau together with County Executive Committee Member for Tourism Sports and Culture Hon Patrick Koki Musau took the ongoing Artificial Insemination program at Winzyeei village in Kyome/Thaana Ward, Mwingi West Sub-County, among other several centres which are being co-ordinated by Sub-County Administrators across the entire Kitui County.

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The Artificial Insemination exercise was launched through the efforts of Kituo Governor H.E Hon Charity Kaluki Ngilu a forty night ago and has an idea of realizing a significant boost in Livestock sector through a consistent, reliable and free Insemination so that it can reach out to as many households as possible within the whole County.

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Both the Deputy Governor H.E Dr Wathe and the County Executive Hon Koki Musau called upon farmers across the entire County to turn up in large numbers to take advantage of this free exercise so that they can be in a position to benefit with high breed Cows at long run for the purposes of maximizing profits through sales to create wealth which is one of our Governors manifesto pillar no five.

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