Stop Politics with deaths of Kitui People: Senator Told.


30th April 2019

By County diary

Kitui National youth Council chairman Aggrey nzomo has called for the state to arrest Kitui senator hon Wambua Kio for what he terms the incitement against Kenyan Somali nationals.

Remarks by Kitui Senator Months After He Had Police Reservists Fired, During the unfortunate burial of a man slain by bandits in Kitui South, the Kitui Senator came out faking tough talk on bandits and took smiling photos in front of a coffin.

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We kept quiet hoping his words would amount to anything. Several months later, he has absolutely nothing to show for his words. He later orchestrated the removal of police reservists installed by the late interior CS hon Nkaisseri, Nzomo said.

Actually, the only thing that made sense in Kitui South was the demo pitting Kitui South Youth Leaders led Hon Cyrus Sonko and We congratulate them for their bold move.

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Kilos statements in Mwingi North borders on incitement. He calls upon the youths to carry crude weapons and faces bandits who are armed with guns and other sophisticated weapons. In short, Kiio is planning to serve the innocent youths to bandits for a shooting and murdering spree.

The Senator has never pushed any known agenda to its maturity and we are confident that these statements are just empty words and pure malice and incitement. It’s the height of ignorance to play politics around the deaths of innocent people murdered by bandits angry Kavalu said.

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The Senator should have been arrested like yesterday for inciting communities He says he has bags of guns that he will issue; from where? Wondered Aggrey Nzomo.