Aproar in Makueni As class 6 Pupil is clobbered to death



The residents Mikuyuni in makueni county are calling for the authorities to take action against the rougue primary school teacher who beat up a STANDARD 6 pupil at Mikuyuni Primary School in Makueni to death.

After the Engel was beaten to death by a teacher; children took to the streets to stage demos at the school against corporal punishment in the school.

The act has received serious condemnation from parents across the country, we pity this teacher who is ignorant about the corporal punishment which is outlawed by the Basic Education Act and other laws like the children’s Act.

Unfortunately his career mighty dramatically end for taking the life of an innocent child prematurely. Angry parents said.

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While i believe in high standards of displine, because that’s how I was brought up , teachers should draw a line between to displine and anger to displine. When you are angry emotional, you lose your conscience leading to unexpected consequences. Now let the law its course against the teacher”.

That’s why primary teachers aren’t live good life because of abusing small children ,some teachers are good but rare …..
That’s what makes their children look like cursed zombies another parents mr Munamie added.

Irate residents camped outside Kibwezi Amref sub-county Hospital in Makueni County on Thursday,The boy was pronounced dead shortly after he was admitted to Kibwezi Amref Sub-county Hospital.

Kibwezi sub county police commander Ben Chagulo confirmed the incident,He said investigations have commenced to unravel the mystery of the incident.

“Yes, I have been notified about the incident. What I can say is that investigations will begin to get to the root of the matter,” Chagulo said.

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Irate residents are camping at the hospital’s gate calling for the teacher’s immediate arrest. Area sub-county director of education Kennedy Machora said he couldn’t comment on the matter until the truth is unveiled.

“I was headed to a funeral in my hometown but due to what has happened, I have cancelled the journey to come back and find out what took place. I’m unable to comment because I don’t know what really happened,” Machora told this writer on phone.

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Machora said a postmortem will be conducted on the corpse to revealed the cause of the boy’s death.”The parents should know that we will attend the funeral and reveal the cause of their son’s death,” he said