Anti Governor Ngilu MCAs Revenge Mission after Impeachment Tumbles


As earlier depicted by the majority of people in Kitui County, that Governor Charity Ngilu’s schemed impeachment by a cross section MCAs was a witch-hunting foul plan driven by cheap party politics and inferiority complex, egocentrism and money heist, after the pro impeachment MCAs sensed defeat on their baseless and unfounded oust, the evil team has changed their tactic….

The anti Ngilu MCAs have gone ahead and scrapped away funds allocation in *2020/2021 FY Budget* meant for the following projects that targeted to create job opportunities for the desperate youth and women, empower the suffering farmers and raise the county’s economy.

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*1. Mwingi and Mutomo textile factories* that were supposed to create job opportunities for over 2,000 youth and women. Each employee earning a minimum of Sh 20,000 translates to *40 Million* shillings circulating within needy households in the county thus improving their livelihoods.

*2. Trucks for ferrying livestock* could have easened transport within and out of the county thus mantaining the value of meat to increase income to farmers.

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*3. Youth and Skills Enterprise Centre at Kanyonyoo* for the making of cabros, fencing posts and culverts could have created employment opportunities to over 1,000 desperate youth and women. Each employee earning a minimum of 20,000 translates to *20 Million* circulating within youth and women from the less fortunate households.

*4. Ndengu Processing Plant* could have increased the value of Ndengu for 184,000 households engaged in farming that the county government has been supporting through donating seeds, pesticides and agricultural extension service. The price of 1kg of Ndengu that costs around between Sh 30-50 could have raised to over Sh 100 thus empowering farmers.

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The list is endless …!!! Why should MCAs capitalize on punishing the people of Kitui because of unnecessary political wrangles?

“`//By Steve Mumbu
Governance/Political Commentator“`