Kitui loses AGAIN: Another Prominent Son Dies



Just a week after the celebrated Constitutional lawyer who gave Kenya a new constitution Mr Nzamba kitonga went to be with the lord.

“Another prominent son from Kitui West Mr Kyale Mwenda has also gone to be with the lord”.

Final Curtain Falls On Independence Minister Kyale Mwendwa

Former long serving MP for Kitui West (1985-1992) Hon Kyale Mwendwa has passed on aged 94.

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Kyale was the first Director of Education as Kenya achieved Independence in 1963 who later became the Minister for Livestock (1986-1988) during his long illustratious career at the highest echelons of KANU Government.

The late Kyale was brother to late Ngala Mwendwa (former MP Kitui Central) na Kitili Maluki Mwendwa (Kenya’s 1st African Chief Justice 1968-1971).

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Kyale Mwendwa was Mp for larger kitui and minister for education during The late Daniel Moi regime.

He will be laid to rest at his farm in Matinyani, Kitui West.

Rip Kyale Mwendwa.