Angry Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr Sends Senate Into The Spine


Prolific Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior caused a pandemonium in Senate when he alleged that “I have Smelled Death”, his Comments Send the entire Senate into Moment of Silence.

Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr sent the Senate into a short moment of silence when he started narrating about death in the chamber.

Speaking on Monday when he called for the adjournment of Senate proceedings until all Senate members are released from their household detention, Mutula narrated about death, and how he has smelled it in the past, sending the House into a short silence.

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“I have seen the pain of death, I have smelled death, I have seen what happens when somebody gives you poison, you bleed and bleed so much, as my father (Late Mutula Kilonzo) did. May it not happen to any other person,” he said.

Mutula Jr stated that it was dangerous for the Senate to proceed with their House activities when some of the members are in police custody.

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He said no one is aware of what could happen to those members in police custody regardless of them being in danger.

“Who knows while we are conducting this business what is happening to Senator Lelegwe? He could be found in Ngong Forest, they could inject him with something and kill him slowly,” he said.

Samburu Senator Steve Lelegwe was arrested today morning before he being taken to Samburu for grilling.


Senator Mutula further alleged that the Senators are hiding and switching their phones to avoid being traced and arrested by police.

He called out for the House to unite and stand for each other whenever the member of the House is in a similar situation, adding the House is doing national business for Kenyans and not a personal business for any individuals.