Anger,Fear The Expression of the Same energy



By yoana kimwele

Have you known the the things we fear in many instances are none existence, are zero, Anger and fear are two expressions of the same energy, two sides of the same coin.

Anger is aggressive or “masculine” while fear is passive or “feminine”! Each feeds on the other, for they are opposite expressions or polarities of the same thing and human feelings.

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You must have noticed that when you don’t understand a situation and therefore cant handle a situation calmly, your reaction is either to attack in anger or cower in fear, fearphobia is false evidence appearing to be real, yet its just a creation of your mind, Again, whenever you feel fearful around a person or another animal, you automatically trigger them to get aggressive towards you.

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The holy book told us the old prophet called job used to fear much in his life, he was a just Man in the eyes of God and unto his generation but he was suffering from fearphobia , The holy book records what he feared is what befell him, the more you fear the more it generates in your mind.

Think about it