An Epilogue on Kivou Ward Stolen Wiper Nominations in MWINGI



Nominations for Kivou Ward were supposed to be held on 21.4.2022 but that never happened. Voters were kept all day long in polling stations without food and no communication because Maema and Sammy had teamed up to reject the elections. Karunga and Kyanika were not in the list of polling centres something we contested and it was corrected immediately by the returning officer (RO).


Then the same Maema & Sammy rejected all presiding officers and other elections officials who had been selected by the National Elections Board (NEB) of Wiper. We again as aspirants (Mbaya, Sammy, Maema, & Muvinga) agreed to bring each 6 new officials to man the elections.

When the RO was ready to release new officials, again Maema & Sammy said the day was over and they could NOT go to the field. The RO was tossed left, right and center. At that moment around 2.00pm on 21.4.2022, Maema’s media team went round announcing that elections had been postponed which was not true. RO had no option but to consult the chairman of NEB and they cancelled the nominations on that particular day. Maema & Sammy had planned to frustrate the elections & people Kivou Ward.The nomination was postponed to the next day on 22.4.2022.

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On 22.4.2022, Maema had withdrawn from the race and he had asked his followers to support Sammy. A clear indication that Maema was not interested with nomination but he only wanted to punish Kivou people and the exercise. Maema without a blink of an eye, travelled to Nairobi to process independent candidature, on the same day we were supposed to conduct nominations. At this point we should question his intentions and actions on the previous day.

The nomination exercise started on well on 22.04.2022, however team Sammy had orchestrated and modelled a good plan to rig the elections. People were ferried from Mwingi Central and Kyulungwa with 9 matatus (Mbikisa), 5 Noah private cars and several hired motor bikes. A well coordinated exercise, people ferried voted in Ithumbi, Kyanika, Mwingi Primary & Kasarani. There was massive repeat voting in those particular polling centres. In Ithumbi and Kyanika all my supporters were beaten up like _mburukenge_ with _nyaunyo_. Police officers had relaxed. Voters were scared and intimidated. Voters were tear gassed in Kyanika. The presiding officers and agents never signed the elections declaration results. The voter turnout in Ithumbi, Kyanika & Mwingi Primary was abnormal. Across the ward the average turnout was 200 voters but in Ithumbi, Mwingi Primary & Kyanika it was above 600. Ballot papers had been pre-marked a day before elections. Ballots issued didn’t marry the casted ballots. Any statistician would question that trend. A clear indication that something was wrong. At this point our goose had been cooked. It was a complete sham in upper Kivou. In the other polling centers their were no drama.

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Since I believed in internal dispute resolutions mechanisms of Wiper, I proceeded and challenged the elections results at Appeals Board of Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM). The case was heard by qualified and competent lawyers,advocates and a Judge. The tribunal was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the elections were shambolic, so they were nullified. National Elections Board-WDM, moved swiftly organized repeat nominations on 27.4.2022. Team Mbaya was cheated and not defeated. On 26.4.2022 at around 9.00pm, I was summoned at SKM command centre at Karen, Nairobi. I was supposed to meet the party leader H.E, senior counsel Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, on 27.4.2022 at 9.00am. We met the party leader later in the day at 7.00pm. The party leader indicated that he was not comfortable with repeat polls since violence would erupt. Something I didn’t understand since the country has been conducting repeat polls and only police officers were needed to ensure a new exercise was conducted peacefully. Party leader had stopped the repeat polls, consequently influencing the decision of NEB. How I wish the party leader had kept away from local politics and leave the Kivou Ward residents choose their leader. Kivou leader will not be chosen from high offices nor will anybody impose a leader on us. We respect our party leader but he should let the people decide. It was evident that Party leader had a predetermined mind and knew who he would issue the party certificate. Again on the following day, I was summoned at SKM command center on 28.4.2022 at 10.30am. On 28.4.2022 at around 11.00am, Prof. Mumo Kisau called me to meet the party leader but I was  not available. I didn’t want to betray my supporters by agreeing to cut any deals without their consent. We say No to solipsism. A French poet, Victor Hugo once said that ‘Nothing is more powerful  and unstoppable than an Idea whose time has come’

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Kivou Ward resident were robbed their victory. The elections in KIVOU Ward were filled with elections theft and only a repeat polls would have resolved this. I have