By Steve Mutua

29th December, 2018

The man who is after having more and more will go on losing his being — because the only way to have more is to pay with being. You have to cut your being and throw it away. Everything has to be paid for, nothing is free. Even futile things have to be paid for.

One day the man of ambition is almost gone. He has much but he is no more. He has bargained with his soul. He has exchanged: he has dollars, rupees, pounds, but no soul in him. Just a negative emptiness exists. He is the beggar, but he may look to you like a king. Don’t be deceived by appearances. Those who look like kings are not kings. Look deeply, watch deeply. They may have achieved much which can be counted, which can be shown and exhibited, but they have lost something of the invisible, something of their being.

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Have you not observed it? — whenever you purchase something you have to pay. If you want to compete with people you will have to pay. You will become less and less loving.A man who is a competitor cannot be loving simultaneously; it is impossible. A man who is trying to compete, a man who is ambitious, has to be non-loving. Then he is paying with love.

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Politicians cannot be loving, they know only war. That’s natural; they exist through conflict. So they may talk about peace, but their whole talk is. just nonsense, just gibberish. They talk about peace and they prepare for war. They never prepare for peace.They prepare for war and they never talk about war, they talk about peace. And when the time comes, they even war and fight for peace. They say it has to be done to save peace.

But basically, the mind of the competitor is violent. One who is ambitious is violent and cannot be loving.