Ambassador Kiema -Dr.Malombe Set to lock Horns as 2022 Beckons



The Kitui County gubernatorial race in 2022 is set to be noisy, Messy and an even a bloody cut-throat affair if the recent suffrage alignments are anything to go by.

The race will have casualties, whining victims, and lots of collateral damage – reminiscent of the 2017 polls, the COUNTY DIARY has learned.

The titanic battle for the coveted wiper Ticket is set to escalate in the Kitui County gubernatorial, the COUNTY DIARY can predict.

“It is now clear that among three contestants in Kitui gubernatorial race among them Hon Kiema Kilonzo, Hon Dr. Julius Malombe and Hon David Musila will be eying to Unseat Governor Ngilu on 2022.

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This has come out clearly and it no secret that the leaders have been having secrets nightly meetings as they strategize on the next polls.

Former governor Julius Malombe over the weekend hosted more than 600 delegates from Kitui South at a rendezvous in his home.
He is seen as the only an attack dog, bent, and his supporters led by Mwingi proclaimed blogger katiwa Nzoka and section of county government employees who keeps hurling insults to Hon Kiema kilonzo, Musila, and Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu” said our source.

And as the race for 2022 beckons, the battle is set to be noisy as the three seasoned politicians battle for Wiper Ticket”.

Meanwhile, as things stand, former Kitui Governor Malombe remains the trusted ally of Wiper Leader Hon Dr. Kalonzo Musyoka, Never mind that Ambassador Kiema kilonzo has been of late been very close and cozy with Kalonzo Musyoka.

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Dr. Malombe, who is adored by the Kitui masses due to his level based infrastructure development record, has been being accused of using his Whatapp goon and activist Katiwa to hurl insults to Kiema Kilonzo, Governor Ngilu, and David Musila.

Nonetheless it is the youth and women who will determine the next Governor of Kitui come 2022.

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However, Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu still remains a very strong Candidate to BEAT by all standards.

Again, David Musila has been sly to make his position known, NOT Unless he will have a popular party his chances are very minimal in comparison.

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