Amb. Kiema Temporarily Blocks Malombe the race Through legal technicalities



A cloud of uncertainty and anxiety is hanging in Kitui County as various parties conclude preliminaries across the country in line with IEBC deadline.

Meanwhile the controversy and intrigue plaguing Kitui Gubernatorial Wiper nomination has taken a different dimension altogether.

Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo has obtained court orders to block the Wiper from forwarding Malombe’s name to IEBC until his case is heard and determined.

In twist turn of events, Wiper had erroneously settled for Mr Julius Malombe but Kiema kilonzo objected the move arguing that the party did not conduct party nominations and neither was there a consensus as unanimously agreed in their initial party arrangements.

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Political pundits posit that its tragic that the third most popular party in Kenya – Wiper may not have a governor candidate in Kitui county because of legal technicalities after all..

The point of not being able to run because of the independent deadline of the 3/4/22 will form the basis of the legal discourse.

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Yesterday, Wiper mandarins were feverishly trying to sneak in Dr Malombe’s name to IEBC, but little did they know that Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo had already served IEBC, WIPER and Dr Malombe with court orders and injuctions.

At one point Team Kiema said, “Wakimwanga Ugali tunamwanga Bonga”;

And so as we speak, Team Kiema has successfully blocked Malombe from the 2022 race until Kiema’s case is heard and determined.

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The case will be heard in 3rd May, the some date that all candidates should have settled for their candidate according to IEBC Deadline.

Speaking to the TCD, Ambassador Kiema Kilonzo said;

“I will continue to pursue justice for the people of Kitui up to the Supreme Court if need be. I am not going to relent in my quest for justice. I can not jeopardize my people of Kitui”

Will wiper have gubernatorial candidate for Kitui? Only time will tell.