Aic Matiani Secondary School in Makueni gets a facelift


Matiani secondary school in kilome constituency which is in Makueni County has benefited from infrastructural development courtesy of constituency development fund NG-CDF


AIC Matiani Girls’ High School that has benefited with FOUR modern Classrooms and a Staffroom, a NG-CDF project initiated by Hon. Eng. Nzambia.

The classrooms have adequate space that can hold more than 65 students. The staffroom is spacious. The school is in Kilome Constituency, Mukaa/Kitaingo Ward.


The school has been sharing classrooms with AIC Matiani primary where they have also converted some of the classrooms belonging the primary into dorms.

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The principal and the headteachers have been sharing one office since the school (the secondary) was started in 2015. After learning the harsh conditions the students face when he toured the school, Hon. Eng. Nzambia took a swift move to save the situation