Agriculture Department Stole the Show during Kitui Expo2020


By TCD Reporter.

The County Ministry of Agriculture has been voted as one of the reasonable and well structured Ministry among the Kitui Ministries despite little publicity, the Ministry took the advantage to prove the world that it has what it takes to lead as others follow, THE COUNTY DIARY Reports.

Another we’ll coordinated department was the Office of the Governor Charity Ngilu for facilitating the success of the event.

Several ministries took the opportunity to showcase the programs they have been able to roll out during the Kitui Expo 2020.

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Without bias or acting on baseless propaganda the Kitui County Expo 2020 was the BEST.

With all departments showcasing what they have done to people of Kitui is a good and exceptional brilliant idea.

Some departments have emerged exemplary doing wonderful job like Agriculture department, Youth department, Trade department,Tourism and Culture and Education departments.

Check the Pictorial bellow.

Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau shares a word of wisdom with agriculture Chief Officer Eng Songolo and Dr.Temi Mutia.

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A farmer shows Kamwaki honey products locally made and available in all leading supermarkets in Kenya.

Eng Songolo Displays Kitui Pure Honey made Kitui south.
A farmer who is part of groups from Kitui showcases Chicken incubation plant. He is among the beneficiaries of the county government of Kitui.

Dr. Koki showcases Kitui yoghurt
Bishop Kyavoa listens to the farmer and Colleague and lecture Dr Koki as she takes people through various products during Kitui expo 2020.

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Kitui wine, Kitui local brew, mala locally made from Kitui.

Eng Songolo shows Kitui Tomotoe source product made locally by Dr Koki an officer in the county government and part-time lecturer.

Locally products from Kitui farmers courtesy of the ministry of agriculture.
Kitui Sugarcane wine, juicy, tomato paste, solar dried Sukuka, mango,flakes, very delicious and nutritious food locally made .

A farmer from Sombe shows mangoes.