Africa Education system Abates Corruption


By Dr Jeff kaluyu


1. A big part of corruption has deep tentacles traceable to our education system. After KCSE you get to secondary school and get assigned science or arts stream not because you like it. Just because your math/science grades are good. After KCSE you get admitted to the University and get assigned the final degree. Tgovernmentent finances only the major you got assigned to. If you try to change to something you like you are usually dropped asgovernmentent-sponsored student to a private student…paying commercial rates. You are likely to graduate with a degree you don’t even like.

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2. You find a job you much careless about. Zero passion. Tell me why someone will not be involved in careless acts of crime/corruption because he or she doesn’t care for the job?

3. Let’s take a step further. While at the University, a dishonest professor exchanges sex for grades! .. badly hurting a graduating student. She will graduate hating whatever education has to offer. Looking to take advantage of the system in anger. Tell me why corruption will not happen?

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4. We have many passionless, uninnovative graduates because they often care less about what they do. You can’t have discovery and innovation where there is no knowledge or passion, period!


Students should be allowed to take whatever profession they like and switch majors without penalty.
Sex for grades should be discouraged across Africa. This situation is severe than many think yet no voices are raised. Women reps should look into iToll-free numbers should be introduced to report cases.

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5. How about corruption regarding payment for grades across universities? People graduating with the ut command of the subject matter. How would you expect them to succeed?

Let’s not deal with symptoms, let’s fight corruption from every cause. Putting graduates in the paths and positions to succeed. We must be done with to ourselves.