Affordable health care in Kitui County is real, Kalunda Nganga confesses


Monday 4rd, March 2019

By Charles Muthoka/yoana kimwele

The second Pilar in the Governor Charity Ngilu’s Manifesto is affordable health care. Now in a period of fewer than two years, much has happened in the Ministry of health, with Dr. Richard Muthoka as the Chief Officer.

People from different parts of the County are testifying the much Governor Ngilu has done in Health sector by making it affordable to all. A Mother of three aged twenty-two years from Kaningo Village in Tseikuru Ward by the name Kalunda Nganga is one of them.

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Kalunda had an aching tooth which got infections after removing it at home because she belonged to the Kavonokya faith which does not believe in going to the hospital to seek medication, thus developing a very serious facial Tumor.

Her situation moved her relatives to explain the matter to Governor Ngilu, who immediately told them to take her to Kitui level 4 Hospital, where they paid for her Kchic after which she was admitted and booked for a surgery which was done in January 2019 by the Cuban Maxilla facial based in Kitui Level 4 hospital Dr. Arellis Robello Castillo.

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_Governor Charity Ngilu, using her own money purchased for her artificial Jaw Plate to replace her lower jaw which was removed together with the Tumor_, then the rest of her medical expenses were cleared by Kchic Cover

Today, Kalunda Nganga has a living testimony on how God has used Governor Charity Ngilu to change her state, therefore she has promised to change her faith and register as a voter to reinstate Governor Ngilu come 2022 for her good work.

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