Advocate Morris Commends Ngilu’s Transformational leadership


It’s a race against time. A race to save the world. And they are now writing about it. Not just saying it.

Wednesday this week, “The Washington Post” carried a story about Kitui County Textile Centre (Kicotec). The Centre is making over 30,000 masks every day. That’s about 1,300 masks per hour.

Kitui has made uniform for administrators in Kenya. We are making a police uniform. While everyone else is travelling abroad “to benchmark”, Governor Ngilu has gone far and wide exhibiting Kitui products. A major exhibition and market exploration in the US was due in June this year.

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It now looks increasingly probable that it will have to be put off due to the Corona pandemic. But what have we lost? The Americans are talking about Kitui, even without us going there.

By starting that factory, Governor Ngilu struck a blow for the common mwananchi. The factory has created over 400 jobs directly. The stitchers, majority of whom are women, may not earn a lot of money in salaries.

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But they are committed and dedicated to what they do. They are like clockwork. Through their dedicated service, they are not only building the local economy, but they are also giving Kitui County a good name.

The success story of this factory has another unintended, albeit, welcome consequence: it’s a kick in the teeth for Ngilu’s political detractors. I should have said a kick in the ass, but I was brought up well.
I am not talking about those who raise legitimate, honest questions about governance. I am talking about those with the spirit of a witch; those who hate to see good in others; those spanner boys jerking their masters’ cars. In Ukambani we have a name for them. We call them “Kunda Ngùtùme”


Heko kwako Gavana Ngilu!
Morris Kimuli