Advocate Kimuli defends West Pokot Governor Lonyangapuo Over Leaked Nudes

Advocate Morris Kimuli (photo file)

The no nonsense Governor for West Pokot County, a Professor of applied mathematics HE John Lonyangapuo, is in deep trouble after alleged nude photos of him have been leaked and shared on social media by a purported secret lover who is also a wife of a local politician.

In the WhatsApp screen shots the purported lover is laughing off the threats from the Professor who goes ahead to issue dire consequences and a refund of a certain amount of money which she was given.

A source close to the Governor denies the allegation and calls the screenshots a photoshop overtures by his detractors aimed at tainting the image of the Governor who has improved the livelihoods of the people of West Pokot.

The images of his alleged Mjulus are making rounds on social media blasting the Internet into flames, Meanwhile, section of lawyers led by advocate Kimuli have come into his defense.

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“West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo must be embarrassed by the messages and nudes associated with him, and circulating on social media”,

For the record, it’s both despicable and unlawful to share someone’s private messages or pictures, and the law should take its course on this one, Advocate wrote on his social media.

That said, I am surprised that the vocal Governor hasn’t said anything about this. Other than just saying that the images are shopped, I think the Governor should put paid to this thing by simply clarifying that he is a man, and the apparatus circulating on social media, and associated with him, is that of a boy. I ought to know because three decades “novusi” ago, I was a boy. He added.

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Another Media user, wrote, “I have followed the conversation of the purported chats between a lady and my friend the Prof and it’s total crap, hogwash and bunk! The language is not from the man I have known for many years”.

The person who did that should be hanged! This is Hell spewing acridity and revenge! She or he has no idea the pain inflicted to the immediate family. You however will not deem the light of the good prof! I am also pained. So what have you gained. Has KICC been given to you! Are you breathing better oxygen than some of us or are you now immune from Corona! As you sleep pretty know that Khama is real! This things catch up with you one day. I have been a victim of slander and I know what my friend the prof is going through!

I stand with Prof!