Activist Mbuvi Kasina Lock Horns with Mutha MCA Over Bungled Water Project


War of words between Mutha MCA Hon Anthony John and decorated activist Mr Mbuvi Kasina over Bungled kwa mbaa water dam project in kengo sublocation mutha ward escalates to the high heaven.

Residents of kengo sublocation, mathima location in mutha ward are a worried/ disappointed lot due to the poor and shoddy manner in which kwa mbaa dam water project was implemented.

To start with,the area MCA a Mr Antonney John has been complicit in the attempt to clarify the truth on what transpired that led to the bungling of hitherto one of the major dam project in mutha ward, Mbuvi Kasina has said.

The dam originally was supposed to be buld at kanzilu area in mutha but a decision was reached to bring to kengo sublocation at a place called kwa mbaa after disputes erupted in kanzilu as to the land where the dam was to be buld.All that time, the MCA told residents that the dam had been allocated 35m.

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Early this year and during the last rains,the MCA himself accompanied by a contractor launched a kwa mbaa dam project at insisted that, the allocation of the dam was 35m and this dam could provide enough water for all mathima residents, he added.

We even had an opportunity to see for ourselves the bill of quantities (BQ).The mca promised that the dam will be buld as per the specifications now that it was near his home.

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After two weeks, the contractor withdrew from the site having done almost nothing.shoddy and poor workmanship Is all what I can use to describe what I saw in the hitherto a promising venture that could have delivered us from jaws of decades Long water shortage Mbuvi added.

On enquiry from residents on what has transpired, the MCA introduced another version of explanation different from what he had told residents.

He said without blinking his eyes that, the dam was to be buld in phases and that phase one was to use 13m.

Residents were shocked that their MCA who should be informing them about what malpractices inherent in the excution of the project has conspired with the contractor to fleece them.

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The bill of quantities of the dam doesn’t have phases and the contractor doing the dam confirmed to residents that,he had a contract of 35m.

The MCA mutha ward has resorted to insults, throwing epithets and tantrums whenever he is called upon to explain what transpired.

Instead of giving information, the MCA has allegedly conspired with the contractor and other county government mandarins to fleece his own people.

Residents are contemplating involving other institutions to unearth the truth.The truth must come out.

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