A Teacher In Kitui Commits Suicide


By TCD Editorial.

A primary school teacher in ACK Ngomango, Kathivo – Matinyani, Kitui Weat Sub-county has committed suicide, the COUNTY DIARY Reports.

The Teaching fraternity In kitui west led by KNUT Executive Secretary Mr Simon Nding’o are Mourning the Untimely death of one of teacher who mysteriously committed suicide in wee hours.

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Mr. Mutui of ack Ngomango, kathivo, kitui West is reported to have committed suicide for the reasons we could establish before going on air.

Speaking exclusively with Reporters, Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT ) Kitui Branch Executive Secretary Mr. Simon Ndingo while sending his condolences to the family of Mr. Mutui, and the entire Ack Ngomango Primary school, Called and urged Teachers to share life challenges with authorities instead of taking their lives.

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The life of any teacher is very important, Mr Nding’o has said.

His body has been taken to the Kitui Morgue as police launch investigation to unravel the reason behind the suicide.

Rip Mwalimu.