Kisasi Member of county assembly who doubles as deputy County speaker hon emeritus Kasee Musya want county administration committee to relook about Nguuni, Ungatu and Mukameni villages.the COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

Through a petition on behalf of the residents of Nguuni/Mukameni/Unga’tu village on the amendment of the Kitui County Villages Act, 2015 to divide Nguuni/Mukameni/Ung’atu villages in Kisasi ward to three villages.

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The petition has been presented to the Assembly by Hon Emeritus K. Musya (M.C.A. Kisasi Ward).

The petitioners pray that the County Assembly though the Committee on Administration and Coordination of County Affairs;

  • Amends the Kitui County Villages Act, 2015 to divide Nguuni/Mukameni/Ung’atu Village into
  • independent villages.
  • Come up with legislation and programs geared towards equalization and or equitable distribution of resources and development within Kitui County, specifically targetting marginalized areas.
  • Make any other orders it considers fit in the circumstances.
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This petition has been committed to the Public Service and Administration Committee to respond to the petitioner by way of a report within 60 calendar days.