By county diary

The words of the masters are never addressed to the “outer man”, but to the “inner man”! Its very unfortunate that we have been made to believe that Jesus was talking about our outer character or behaviour.

That would not make sense since issues of character, morality and social mannerisms vary very much amongst myriad cultures, yet, the Master’s words are cross cultural and cross generational.

They must hold true in all cultures and in all circumstances. Not a crossing of at or the dotting of an i will pass away or be meaningless. Thats the first thing to understand.

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Now to the issue at hand, the idea of “leaving mother and father” has all to do with severing or cutting the psychological or emotional bonds with parents if one is to be their own person, an adult. Its akin to what Jesus told Nicodemus, ” You must be born again”!

Have you left your parents and clig to your wife or husband?

An child is one who is still under the psychospiritual influence of their parents. We hear wives talk of “mama’s boys”! A mature person is one who can live independently, especially psychologically, of their parents.

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People who are not free of their parental psychological heritage NEVER make capable marriage partners. No one can serve their parental and spousal interests at the same time. You can take that to the bank.

Another thing: We carry emotional imprints of our parents from childhood and we inherit their psychological profiles. The behaviours you like or hate in your spouse correspond to the same in your opposite sex parent.

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for example, many are yet to completely recover from their mom’s quarrelsome nature and have just understood why they tolerate quarrelsome and excessively mouthy women in their lives.

Besides other things, breaking free of our psychological heritage from our parents is the fundamental factor necessary for any marriage to work. Break from your parental care and build your strong family ties.