A lorry Belonging to KCC Imponded Carrying Charcoal


A lorry belonging to the kenya co operative Cremeries “KCC” on 24/12/2019 was impounded by Revenue Officers at Nguutani in Mwingi west Barrier, the impounded Lorry Registration No. KBT 886Z, had 15 bags of charcoal.

The lorry is currently being detained at Nguutani police station, waiting to be arraigned in court.

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The County treasury and the Ministry of environment and natural resources are enforcing the ban on charcoal trade in Kitui County, which is spearheaded by the Governor of kitui Madam Charity Ngilu.

The Director of revenue, Mr Martin Mumo has urged revenue and environment officers manning barriers to be cautious and inspect all vehicles, as scrupulous merchants are currently using vehicles nor ordinarily disguised for transport in the charcoal transport business.

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He singled Pro Box body vehicles, and some company branded vehicles as being used to transport charcoal.