A lesson in Human-wildlife Conflicts in Kitui County


By Mulaimu Muvusyu.

The marauding killer animals are great resources in other regions.
The presence of these wild animals in the midst of human habitat in the lower parts of kitui south and East,mwingi central and North must attract the great concern of the entire kitui country leadership; the Mps, professionals and community leaders in the region.

We must all note that this is not about animals straying away from the parks; not just about human/animal conflict.

It is a clear manifestation of mismanagement of the region’s environment.
The consequences we are paying is lost:

  • Human lives.
  • Our animals both
  • domestic and wild.
  • Our land resource.
  • County revenue.
  • An economic nerve.

The vast land where these animals should room about has been lost completely to environmental destructors.

Camel ranchers mingle with shiftas and possibly Al-Shabab in this land caused many human and animals deaths.

A new breed of destructors namely charcoal burners and loggers came in devastating magnitude on the environment.
“We have allowed our land to swallow so much blood instead of creating wealth for our needy population”.

My humble suggestions to our responsible governments and leadership:

1) Create an animal corridor between Kitui and Tana River counties, from Tsavo to Meru border. This is a rich animal corridor which connects also with child hills, Serengeti and the rest of Savana wild.

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This would push our foreign harders and their friends forever. Conserve our land, environment and wildlife.

2)The county government to legislate, create this corridor and take over all reserves within kitui land.
3)The county government to create its own security unit(county Rangers), seek national government concurrence to train and fully arm the unit ( Narok, Samburu example)
4)Employ local youth in this unit, to create a lot of employment for the local youth and would ensure protection to own region.
5) County government to provide necessary budget and seek support from donors, this is a very fertile area for donor funding. Deploy the resources in:

  • Water provision.
  • Conservation.
  • Tourism promotion.
  • Stimulation of investment in the region
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Add great value to our land by creating investors both local and foreign
1.Create a lot of employment
Provide permanent security for the region.
open lower kitui economy.
Revive our culture and sell it to the world.
Otherwise, the future of this region is more at risk now than other time.

Blessed people

A stray Lion killed by KWS rangers in Kitui West sub-county.

Think environment conservancy, think about the future generation, the writer is Mr Mulaimu Mavusyu
A son of kitui county