A Frenzy Of Excitement As 130 Teams Battle it Out For MP Nguna Cup (CNN) 2020



Mwingi West Constituency and it’s environs is now a scene of frenzied activities and excitement as over 130 football teams and their supporters from throughout Kitui County and Masinga Constituency battle it out at the on-going Hon Nguna CUP, COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

Only 30 teams will make it through to the regional finals of the league, after playing the other teams in the League, and the next 20 days or so will see who walks away with the coveted Hon. NGUNA CUP.

“But this is year the Hon. NGUNA CUP is a football League with a difference. I am happy to announce that 4 teams drawn from Masinga Constituency are amongst the top contenters for the popular Hon NGUNA CUP” said the MP

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We are encouraging regional cohesion and benchmarking in youth talents” said Hon. Charles Nguna speaking to COUNTY DIARY on Monday.

The following teams that comprise men and women cohorts will be showcasing their prowess in the most beautiful game on Earth, all vital in determining who is going to win the coveted Hon Nguna Cup.

Nguutani region leads the pack with 20 men teams and 2 women teams, Migwani (16 men teams, 1 women team), Thitani/Thaana (11 M /3 W), Nzeluni (8 M, 1W), Thokoa (12 M /2 W), Mumbuni (12 M / 1 W), Kiomo/Kyethani (8 M /3 W) while Mwingi region has 14 men teams and 3 women teams.

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From Masinga Constituency, 4 Mens teams have joined the quest for the cup this year 2020.

The tournament is endorsed by the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Kitui Branch.

The youthful Mwingi West MP Hon Charles Nguna (CNN) has been sponsoring tournament for 18yrs now — making HON NGUNA CUP one of the longest, biggest, successful and most vibrant individually sponsored sports tournament not only in the Kitui County but also in the country.