A 19-year old boy Hacks girlfriend to death in Kitui


By our reporter

A 19-year-old man has hacked his girlfriend of 18 years to death in Kativini village in Museveni location, Kitui Central.

Confirming the incident Kitui Central police boss Sicily Gatti said the suspect has since been arrested and arraigned in court.

Young people have been urged not to take the law into their hands, they must learn to report matters which are beyond their capacity instead of committing murder.

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Depression among young people has been cited as a major cause of death in Kenya

Depression affects men and women differently. However, there are some common features among both sexes.

There are some more predominant in Signs, symptoms in men, avoid The angry man if you can’t agree kindly move out peacefully. Depression in men can manifest as sadness and moodiness, it can also come with extreme anger.

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