Agriculture Minister Kimwele Meets artisans in Ikutha


On Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Agriculture and Livestock Development CECM Stephen Mbaya Kimwele attended the opening ceremony for the training of artisans on beehive making at the Ikutha Vocational and training institute in Ikutha town.

The training attracted 50 participants from five beekeeping cooperatives in the county which include;

  1. Kamaki Beekeepers cooperative society ( Kitui South)
  2. Mukali Beekeepers Cooperatives society ( Kitui East)
  3. Mwingi Beekeepers Cooperative Society ( Mwingi Central)
  4. Gategi Beekeepers Cooperative Society ( Mwingi North)
  5. Kiomo Kyethani Beekeepers Coopetative Society ( Mwingi West)

Speaking at the training, the CECM encouraged farmers to form groups/cooperatives so a that they can benefit from funding by donor groups.

The CECM also urged the artisans to share the knowledge they will acquire after the training with other local artisans and farmers across the county.

The two weeks training is being offered by officers from the National Beekeeping Institute-Nairobi.

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