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By Kivutha Kibwana

Ukambani politics have become a Tower of Babel; they seem rudderless. Kalonzo tells us to go this way, Muthama that way. Each expects we shall follow without questioning. Careful scrutiny of our politics today tells one there is a leadership vacuum crying to be filled.

Unfortunately the current debate lacks a discussion on vision and the ingredients of a genuine, people centred development agenda. For the transformation of Kenya, the Kamba Nation included.

Several individuals from the region have declared interest in high political office. We must remember that to succeed, all of Kenya must support a candidate.

It is wrong to pre- campaign as if only Kambas will vote for the Kamba presidential candidates. That way we shall unwittingly isolate our region from the rest of Kenya. And then court massive failure.

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Those who carefully listened to Archbishop Timothy Ndambuki at Yatta heard him emphasize the imperative of a transformational agenda to lift Kenyans including Kambas from historical poverty.

The clergy did not endorse any body at Yatta. They went to deliver a prophetic message. We need to move away from politics of personality cults to politics of people’s transformation.Kalonzo has the democratic right to seek a merger of WIPER with the President’s 2022 Party.

Muthama has the same right to make a personal decision to work with DP Ruto. Others have the right to choose any political path. Whoever disagrees with them has no right to deny them their choices.

Since Baba has pronounced the death of NASA, and JUBILEE is also facing some internal problems, the political arena is now wide open.Let the Kenyan people including Kambas for a change be at the forefront of shaping the New Politics.

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Let them help develop or crowdsource the ideas they want a political party to champion.Just like our leaders have said we study the BBI and ultimately make a decision on it, let us also be part of establishing new political democratic formations which serve us and not merely individuals.

And above all let us think Kenya first and our regions second. Real national unity will be the unity of purpose of all Kenyan peoples.I plead with us to discuss, among others:

  1. Full implementation of the 2010 Constitution and Devolution and the Basic Law’s enhancement if necessary.

  2. How to fight corruption3. How to create a nation out of our ethnic groups as we leave nobody behind.

  3. How to achieve robust economies built on our comparative advantages and therefore equitable development so as to guarantee inclusivity in keeping particularly with the SDG and Africa Agenda 2063 platforms and our national and county blueprints.

  4. Genuine youth empowerment in education, skills development, jobs creation, entrepreneurship, talents development, financial inclusion and leisure.

  5. Promotion of rule of law, people driven public participation, ethical leadership, entrenchment and respect of public institutions, accountability, separation of powers, and checks and balances.

  6. How to deal with public debt.

  7. How to reverse environmental degradation and climate change.

  8. Affirmative action for women, persons with disability, senior citizens, and other marginalized groups and minorities.

  9. How to achieve mutually beneficial relationship with rest of Africa and the world at large.

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December 28, 2019