Massive Water Tank Built In Kanziko In Honor of Kilai



60000-litre Water Tank Constructed In Memory Of The Late Kitui Councillor Kilai

A business Man in Kitui South Eng Kivoto has finally honoured his pledge – he promised during The burial of the late Kitui County council Chairman Mr Boniface Musango Kilai.

The Decorated business Man From Kanziku Mr Eng Kivoto has constructed 60000 litres water tank in memory of the late Councilor Kilai.

The sixty Thousand litres Water Tank has been constructed using mwalanite wonder soil at Muthue in memory of councillor musango kilai.

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The tank will be serving the entire population in Muthue – The area of the late Boniface Kilai.

Kilai died last month and was buried in a colourful send-off which was attended by the Governor Of Kitui HE Charity Ngilu.

Speaking inclusively with county diary, Eng Kivoto asked those people who can do something for the community in the memory of great Men from the soil who have left us.

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These are the committee women in charge of the water regulation at Muthu in Kitui south.
Tank constructed by Eng Kivoto in memory of the late Councilor Killa.
Life Images of The tank which is constructed using Mwalanite wonder soil which acts as pure cement.
A man admiring the 60 thousand Litres water tank constructed at Muthue in honour of the late Councilor Kilauea.
The water tank will be serving population/