3 Stories by Kenyan NGOs advocate Benjamin Musunza Makes it to the USA Almanac



WASHINGTON – Three stories penned by celebrated Kenyan international community advocate Dr. Benjamin Musunza will be published inside a US Almanac that collects African anthologies COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

Meanwhile Musunza, recently feted with a honorary degree from University of Azteca in Mexico becomes the first youngest Kenyan to achieve this remarkable feat, according to the University listing 2019 sources.

“Yesterday I was surprised by a call from the famous Tamie Collins Markee Radio Show in the U.S.A who interviewed me. They asked me what I envision for African communities in the 21st Century. They also congratulated me on my recent achievements on literature disseminations” he said.

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The suave young motivational speaker also holds a Degree from the prestigious American National Business University(ANBU).

Known in Kenyan NGO circles as an “innovative and a visionary leader” Musunza has proven track record of endless testimonies of touching lives through local and international relationships and partnerships.

‘The professionally informed activist who exhibits indefinable wisdom in approaching the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals AND Sustainable Development Goals is an asset to Kenya and Indeed Africa” said the IRS host.

Musunza is also a successful mobilizer of resources effortlessly locally and abroad towards impacting the society positively through NEDI KENYA and the great Civil Society Organization network (CSO) of Kenya.

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Among his major awards include the prestigious World Peace Medallion, awarded by World Peace and Diplomacy Organisation in partnership with Asia-Africa Chamber of commerce in Sri Lanka.

The panel described Benjamin Musunza as a young community advocate ‘who has persistently shown outstanding performance, zeal and tenacity in his area of expertise — with a never ending zeal to reach the highest echelons in his professional careers.