Senators to Back Ward development funds for MCA’s



Senators led hon Beth syengo, Hon Tabitha Mutinda have vowed to back The Ward development fund bill once it lands into the senate floor of the house.

The Motion being put forward by kitui County assembly Speaker hon Kelvin Katisya Kinengo is meant to bring services closer to the people in the spirit of the Constitution.

Once the motion is passed, it will be under the supervision of County Assemblies members in their respective areas.

Kitui County Assembly Speaker, Hon. Kengo Katya, earlier this week met with Senator Beth Syengo and Senator Tabitha Mutinda as he engaged them in the need to push for Ward Development Fund in the proposed constitutional amendment.

The two Senators promised to support the motion once it is tabled before the floor of the house.

Speaker Kinengo has been at the forefront of fighting for the Ward Development Fund for all MCAs in Kenya.