Mp Mulyungi Joins Leaders To Condemn Coal Mining In Kitui


Mwingi Central MP Hon Gideon MULYUNGI yesterday joined Kitui leaders including his Kitui East counterpart Hon Nimrod Mbai to vehemently condemn any coal prospecting, extraction and mining expedition in Kitui County.

Citing a petition that he tabled in Parliament in March 2019, Mulyungi warned naysayers against what he termed as “appetite for coal mining” in the semi-arid county, particularly in Mui Basin which falls under his jurisdiction.

“I have for eons opposed any ad-hoc plans to extract coal in Kitui County and particularly in Mui Basin. My Parliamentary petition dated March 2019 clearly stipulates the myriad adverse health, climatic and social effects why we are against the expedition” said Mulyungi.

Writing on Twitter and tagging the President, Hon Mbai said;

“We resist coal mining because it will expose our community to adverse health perils and contribute to already existing consequences of climate change.

The stance against coal mining by the two powerful legislators is likely to further delay extraction of coal and other minerals in the county.