Musila Defends President William Ruto against Kalonzo



Former kitui Governor Candidate hon David Musila has Defended President William Ruto against wiper leader hon Kalonzo musyoka.

In a statement sent to the newroom. it read;

“I join my nephew, Hon Kiema Kilonzo to say how embarrassed I was to hear Kalonzo’s statement criticizing HE the President”

Firstly and foremost KALONZO will go on record as the person who was responsible for bringing poverty to our people during the nearly 40 years of leadership.

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He is very selfish and has destroyed the livelihoods of our community. After every election he announces his candidature for the presidency during the following elections. He is already saying he will be a candidate in 2027 and will no doubt use his famous slogan ‘’ndikyamanaa Keli’’ since 2013 .

In the last elections it is a known fact that he interfered with the Kitui gubernatorial elections by use of money and intimidation of chiefs who he threatened to sack when according to him he became prime minister.

In addition he used IEBC to rig elections in favor of his preferred candidates. We all know his lack of stability in decision making, which behavior has made our community a laughing stock of other Kenyans.

His interfering with elections in our three counties was mostly on financial considerations. As a community we have lost respect from other Kenyans.

Did you know that when he became mtu wa Mkono and was invited to State house to give his development requirements for our region he requested for the completion of his airstrip only,unlike Hon Raila who after hand shake requested for roads throughout his community areas, expansion of Kisumu airport, railway line,modern markets etc.

We got zero except KALONZO. On his criticism of HE president Ruto, I found this very childish,to say the least. H.E president William Ruto is yet to have a cabinet or even Permanent Secretaries.

How did KALONZO expect HE the President to fulfil any campaign promises in 3 weeks of his administration? Instead KALONZO should have congratulated HE the President for lowering the price of fertilizer within the first day of his administration.

I wish to assure KALONZO that this time round we are going to work towards mobilizing members of our Community to soupport the President. We will not allow our community to continue languishing in poverty as KALONZO continues to keep them in opposition for his selfish reasons.

Sen. David Musila