How James SINO wambua Campaigned For Ruto In kitui from 2018



In 2018, when Nobody wanted to be associated with deputy President Dr William ruto for fear of being profiled by the deep state, James sino wambua james Sino Wambua did not shy away from supporting his course.

The kitui politician Formed a political outfit dubbed FORM with five like minded persons from Nakuru County in February 2018 to spread the RUTO message nationally.

Mr James wambua became the regional coordinator in lower Eastern from 2018, he was in charge of Machakos, makueni and Kitui counties.

He was using his own resources to organise and recruit members in the RUTO movement within the region.

He started serious recruitment exercise in Kitui County, Recruited County, constituency and Ward level leaders in forty wards who used to meet every month Since 2019 on his expenses.

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In every meeting, the lobby was issuing a press statement requesting Kitui county people to embrace the president’s candidature.

He Toured all the 40 wards with the coordination team several times recruiting friends of RUTO to the movement.

The president’s coordinating team inherited his coordinators who became the agents and Chief agents within the constituency and wards .

After realising that that kamba leaders were relatively slow on embracing his message he approached the members of clergy to join him in spreading his RUTO gospel in ukambani, as result the first delegation from kamba land to visit Karen was members of the clergy from Makueni, Machakos and Kitui counties organized by James.

The reason why president Ruto scored highly in ukambani and more in Kitui is because the message was delivered early to the electorate by James Wambua aka Sino.