Kitui UDA team lauds RUTO for Penina’s Nomination as Nimrod gets Endorsed as their Point Man



The Power of Unity says we are all interconnected. Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things are achieved.

The UDA family in kitui has lauded president William Ruto for Nominating Dr Peninah Malonza the position of cabinet secretary.

In a press statement at a Nairobi hotel
The team lauded president William Ruto for Nominating one of them and endorsed Dr Peninah Malonza as link between kitui County and the national government.

“We have today converged at a Nairobi hotel with two fundamental agendas on the table:
A toast for one of us Hon. Peninah Malonza for her cabinet appointment.

To create an unblemished development and political path for the great people of Kitui County
On the onset, we wish to express our profound gratitude to H.E President William Samoei Ruto for nominating Hon. Peninah Malonza into his able cabinet unveiled yesterday.

Hon. Malonza becomes the first person from Kitui South ever to be appointed a Cabinet Secretary. Congratulations waziri!.

We also applaud President Ruto for the selection of our very own Ambassador Monicah Jumah as Advisor National Security Affairs.

Your Excellency these two, are women from Kitui County and this asserts your commitment, to giving the women of this country eminence in your leadership.

We the leaders and professionals of Kitui County are ecstatic and remain optimistic for more and more government appointments in the near future.

We also want to officially appreciate you great people of Kitui County for the excellent number of votes you cast for President Ruto. Indeed, you can now clearly see that we led you in the right direction. Hope those who did not listen to us will do so in future.

In view of the above therefore, as a majority of former candidates from the ruling coalition (KENYA KWANZA), we have for the benefit of our people, endorsed Waziri Peninah Malonza as the Chief negotiator of developmental affairs between Kitui County and the National Government.

We expect waziri to spearhead the push for, among other matters, implementation of our Economic Blue Print, which was agreed upon during the Presidents campaign expeditions in Kitui County.

This blue print contains key developmental matters which are the cry of everyone in Kitui County. For instance, creation of employment opportunities for our young men and women and availability of water across the county are enveloped therein.

We have also unanimously endorsed Kitui East MP. Hon. Nimrod Mbai as our political point man in Kitui County. He is the ONLY ONE who will be providing guidance in regards to all political matters.

For Kitui County to fully enjoy the fruits of the new administration, we pledge our support to Hon. Malonza and Hon. Mbai, even as we urge all other leaders in Kitui County led by Governor Julius Malombe to cooperate with them.

We also request Hon. Malonza and Mbai to foster good relations with other Government leaders so as to open up opportunities for our community. We urge our community to embrace this new crop of leadership so as to bid goodbye to life in opposition after every election.
Long live Kitui County! Long live Kenya and Long live our beloved President H.E Dr. William Samoei Ruto!

We are here as a majority of former UDA candidates from Kitui County for the Members of National Assembly and County positions.

With me here are:
Hon. Peninah Malonza CS, Tourism (Former Women Rep candidate)
Hon. Nimrod Mbai- Sitting MP, Kitui East Constituency
Hon. Stephen Kilonzo- Former Senatorial Candidate
Hon. Charles Nyamai- Former MP, Kitui Rural Constituency
Hon. Ben Muasya- Former Candidate, Kitui West Constituency
Hon. Eng. Dennis Mwangangi Former Candidate, Kitui South Constituency
Hon. Boniface Musambi- Former Candidate, Kitui Central Constituency
Hon. John Kisangau alias Mbaki Mbaki Former MCA candidate Kwa Vonza ward.