Could Augustus Kyalo Muli be the concensus Kitui County Assembly Speaker candidate?


Is KALONZO Quitely Endorsing This Man For the Kitui County Assembly Speaker Candidate?


Recent pictures of Kitui County Assembly Speaker candidate Augustus Kyalo Muli hobnobbing with Wiper Party leader H.E Dr. Kalonzo and H E Governor Makau Malombe during Kitui Rural parliamentary campaigns for Hon Bonnie Mwalika have changed the conversation regarding Kitui Speaker position.

Kitui Governor Malombe during the campaign for Mwalika in kitui rural.

Local political pundits have it that the highly educated and well exposed business development magnate could be the concession Wiper candidate for the Speaker position or was this a spontaneous rendezvous? In politics, everything happens for a reason or does it?

Meanwhile Augustus Kyalo Muli, who relocated to Kitui few year ago from Dubai where he worked as an International Relations and Business Consultant for over a decade, has thrown his hat in the ring hellbent to unseat Hon Ndotto – ratcheting up pressure as more candidates jostle for the lucrative position.

Augustus Muli with Kitui township MCA Ngoima.

Talking to the Press during the inauguration of Kitui Governor Dr Malombe in Kitui, Augustus Kyalo affirmed his complete faith in the new Governor and went on to explain why he is the best candidate for the Speaker position, owing to his highly chequered career on resource mobilization and partnerships both from within and without.

Augustus Muli with Kitui Governor Malombe.

‘My main focus as a speaker would be tackling the neglected welfare of the MCAs who have been given a noble mandate by the electorate.

I would work to ensure that the Hon MCAs are properly empowered in order to give effective service to the people of Kitui. But I also have very strong international links and can support the Governor by helping to bring in foreign investors into Kitui.”

The press has received reports that Augustus Kyalo has traversed the entire county meeting Hon MCAs and pitched them to support his bid.

With National and County leaders showing a liking for Augustus Kyalo, could this be finally the consensus candidate for Speaker position Kitui?

Only time will tell.

In the meantime strong lobbying continues in Kitui hotels as the over 10 Speaker candidates camp in Kitui Town to meet the Hon MCAs.

“It’s harvest time indeed for the MCAs who spent millions to recapture their seats and they deserve every penny, or do they” wondered one of the pundits who spoke to TCD.

Wiper national Chairman Hon Makwere
Kitui county assembly speaker hopeful Mr Augustus Muli

Muli Waving the crowd flagged by kitui township MCA Hon Ngoima