Mwingi West VOTERS express Untold Joy as Mp Charles Nguna commissions Projets



On Wednesday 22nd June 2022 – the residents of Mwingi West expressed untold happiness and satisfaction as area Member of Parliament Hon Charles Nguna continued to commission projects, the TCD Reports.

They say, Hapa kazi tu!! Mwingi West constituency development committee has continued to win banquets of accolades from residents for proper and variable utilization of NG- CDF Kitty.

Mp Nguna visited Winzyeii Location for his escalated development tour where he commissioned Kamutekeo Primary School’s Construction of Administration Block which was Funded by Mwingi west NG-CDF fy 2020/21/22.

The outstanding Wiper Mp whose reelection in August polls remains certain has ostensibly eclipsed his competitors who have nothing to use against him in their campaigns.

From proper utilization of CDF, establishment of countless Projects in Mwingi west constituency has left his formless and colourless competitors looking like a lost remnants.

Wendi wenyu, watho Wakwa- “your wish is my command”

Speaking to TCD, a voter in Migwani town expressed his profound Joy for the area Mp, saying, in terms of variable projects, Mp Charles Nguna has delivered. His election is a sure bet.